Project Overview:

I’m hoping that through this small project I could alleviate the
quality of life of these struggling women by providing the training and tools
necessary for the production of handmade jewelry that will be marketed and sold
in the United States.  In addition, we will offer workshops in money management and small business planning. This project will allow women to become self-sufficient so they may provide for their children by having the opportunity of launching a handmade jewelry
business of their own.

Commitment to the Craftswomen:

• Teach them a skill and provide the necessary
tools to make handcrafted Jewelry

• The program will facilitate interaction and dialogue among women in the
community, and will foster exchange of artisan experiences and technical
expertise between the women.

• Workshops in money management and small business planning

• Facilitate an international market for their handmade items that will benefit
and stimulate the women community and economy.

• Inform them about different local craft fairs and festivals that will help
them to promote their crafts and expand their commercial network.

• The women will be paid in advance for their work

• All profits will be passed back to them and used for the purchase of more

• Maintain a website with the pictures of the families that worked in the
handcrafted jewelry and report their progress

Advantages of the program:

• Women could work from their homes, thereby alleviating the need to spend
money on bus transportation, meals out and childcare.

• The sales of handicrafts will provide women with an opportunity to engage in
dignified work

• An opportunity to develop community with other women

• The program will try to eradicate extreme poverty through the sale and
production of handicrafts

This outreach development program will take place during a period of one year and it will provide me with the ideal opportunity to study (in-depth) the socio-economic needs of women in the Batey. It is also my hope that these findings will allow me to tackle in a more
efficient manner their needs and concerns. So, that eventually this project could be expanded to keep with the socio-economic development of these women.


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