What a beautiful idea! Wouldn’t this be a cool way of leaving your mark around the world.

Spark Change

What I love so much about seed bombs (also called seed balls) is they are so easy to make AND can have a big impact on the visuals of your community.

A seed bomb is basically a ball of clay with seeds mixed in that, once dried, can be stuck into a crack on a broken sidewalk, launched over a fence into an abandoned lot, or even given as gifts for other people to spread the magic.

No planting or watering necessary. Nature will take over and soon you will see little flowers growing all over your community. A flower growing out of an unusual place (like a sidewalk) will help people stop and notice something they may not have before. Pausing to enjoy a freshly bloomed flower is always refreshing.

Here is a great instructional video to show you how to make your own!

Thank you to Garden Girl…

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