The Women from Batey-San Joaquin

Most of the women from Batey San Joaquin, are unemployed and have limited access to land, water, capital and education and other social services which have lead to illiteracy, malnutrition, disease, high infant mortality and low life expectancy. Despite these disadvantages these  women shoulder heavy responsibilities, such as processing foods, collecting water and firewood, cleaning the home and looking after their children. And although they work hard, the productivity of these women is diminished by the lack of credit, technology and extension services, which could ease their burdens and socio-cultural restraints.

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3 Responses to The Women from Batey-San Joaquin

  1. Hernan Green says:

    Paola, this is fantastic! Best of luck and you know you can count on my help! You should include a link for people to make donations, especially for those who can’t attend the fundraiser.

    • Paola del Prado says:

      Thank you Hernan! It was a pleasure meeting your mom tonight, both of you are great people. =) To make donations people could mail a check payable to “Emily C. Specchio Foundation” to:
      The Emily C. Specchio Foundation
      c/o David A. Lewis, Esq.
      52 Maple Avenue
      Morristown, NJ 0796
      But, it is very important that they specify the name of my project (“Empowering Women through Traditional Crafts”). They could also use the paypal account from the Emily C. Specchio Foundation, but they will need to sent me an e-mail to; so that I will know. =)
      Once again! thank you =)

  2. Tara says:

    Your vision and efforts are so amazing. I can’t wait to reconnect at the dinner and support this important work!
    Tara Paske

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